Saturday, August 7, 2010

A Student's Prayer

Every day as I pray to You
May You bless all the things I do
Study, sleep, eat or talk
Guide me in my daily walk

Sorry for mistakes of past
Make me run from sin so fast
Thank You Lord for everything
Truly You alone are King!

At school I hope I may learn
And through diligence, good grades earn
To put all knowledge to good use
As I all ways of cheating lose

Bless my family, teachers and friends
(Earthly angels You have sent)
And grant one wish all the while
In my life ~ to make You smile.



  1. ```amen? amen!!! hehehe, nice prayer makabisado nga ^_^

  2. haha kabisado ko yan gem? dimo b halata yan lagi ko dinadasal pag pinagli-lead ako ng prayer? hehe!

  3. nice! magamit din nga minsan! :)) ♥

  4. Para sa lahat yan, kaya ko nga pinost para ishare, hehe!

  5. Ganda ah??png student lng ba to??pano ako??wala bang A JOBLESS PRAYER? hehe..gawa mo din ako nito ah??ung puro info at pics nmn ng mga asawa tpos na lhat ng school requirements mo!hehehe..gawa mo mas magansa pa d2.hehehe