Saturday, August 7, 2010

If You're Offended, Please Read This.

Even if you didn't mean to hurt them, if they took your words/actions out of context and later tell you that your words were offensive what would you do?

  1. Admit you were wrong "A wise man receives reproof and grows wiser still"
  2. If you offend someone and realize it, just apologize and ask for forgiveness.
  3. Sometimes the person won’t say they were offended, but usually you can tell by the way they look that they were offended. In this case, don’t apologize but instead explain the reason for the statement (hopefully it’s a good one) just after you have made the offensive remark.
  4. Try to remind myself to value the relationship more than I value being right, making a point or winning the argument.
I’ve come to realize that some people may read installments of my blog or comments and be offended by what I have to say. I’m not referring so much to those without a Christian viewpoint as I am to those who do have that perspective, but feel that my words seem “preachy” and judgmental. No one has the capacity to take offense as much as those who are close to your own beliefs, but who see things from a little different perspective.

To those of you who may be offended by anything I have written, I ask that you consider a couple of questions:
  1. Are you in disagreement with what I have stated from a scriptural point of view?
  2. Are you put off by the delivery as it has been made?
If you are in the first category - that is, having a scriptural difference with anything I have said. I encourage you to tell me about what you believe to be in error. I am ready and open to learning.

The second category – offense at the style of presentation is harder to deal with. One of my prime reasons for writing this blog is to develop forceful arguments. This may appear to some as offensive. I apologize if you are hurt because some of the topics may touch deeply at the core of your own experiences.


  1. ```ndi aq offended ^_^ la nmn aq gnwa eh bkt aq maooffend! hahaha glet. peo, kung alam ntn n may ngwa taung mali sana marunong taung magsorry wag n tau magmatigas at ang pride isang tabi muna alang alang sa pinagsamahan dba dba loi ^_^

  2. tama tama tama, sana lang din hindi nagiiba ung pagtrato sa taong nakaoffend sau o naoffend mo. magsorihan nlng at aminin kung mali k nga. hehe.. dba dba gem?

  3. dapat isipin muna ung mga consequences ng action na gagawin .. wag ma pride! :)

  4. tama tama, "KNOW IT FIRST BEFORE YOU ACT." hehe